Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Farewell To All

I felt haunted by vivid memories of fights, killings, corpses, ghosts, anger, pain and miseries. An unknown fear was suffocating all my senses. People whom I borrowed money were coming to shoot me. I ran through the sand , my feeble voice shouting, don't shoot me please... don't. I am......I.....am pauper. Please give me some more time. I have nothing with me. But they were running after me, this time they won't spare me.  

A heavy lash of the cold sea-wind awoke me from the frightful fairies. I was lying on the beach, for how long, I don't know.  I was fatally tired and exhausted, partly from intoxication. Sea was raging unusually and it was a bad omen. I got up. My anxiety is only Megan, my daughter. She is only seven years old. Who is going to protect her?

 But nothing worries me now.. nothing, I am going.....I am free to go!!

Everything is going to end. A sigh of relief came to me.

The sea was raging
Winds fiery, tides rose to the height of the slum huts,
rolled over into huge flakes, gushed in to gulp the shore
I stood there gazing, as a dirty rag of sinful life.
To throw myself into the waves I longed, and disappear
Into the unfathomable depths of darkness.
Be that the end of all.......of all human wickedness.

I moved on with unsteady steps, muttering something
waves had already started to cover me up, brazing up
My entire body,

'Take me in....to that nasty, rotten hell of yours'..I cried out,
But voice seldom came out through the blocked pipes.

Oh..who's that strangles me, the bluish bands of water, or
like a floral rope, darling your tiny dark hands,
stick on to me babe, to Papa's bosom
Till the end of our journey, till we find 'Rest' in our Father's Laps.

Forgive me good friends, Megan....all of you...farewell to all.

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