Friday, 19 September 2014

A whimper, was it!

That may be a worst day of my life. As I stood there with a very disturbed mind ( I do not know for what!), I heard a whimpering sound nearby. It was so feeble that I could hardly hear it. Then I saw a little baby girl of about two years lying a yard beyond. She looked like a piece of burned wood. I went near.  She was lying kneeling on to the ground. During the struggle and fight for food she might have accidentally fell out from her mother's hands. She was crying in anguish, as she was not able to get up and walk to the group.

A 'winning' flash-that was the first to pass through my mind. I aimed my camera at her. For a second I stood motionless as a big vulture flew down and sat beside the baby. The bird was obviously looking for a dead body. The baby it seemed , still had life remaining in her. I took several snaps of the baby and the beast. I waited... waited  and waited for the bird to spread its wings and approach the baby. I thought such a snap would be a most embarrassing and highly appreciated one. But to my misfortune the bird did not spread wings. After waiting some more minutes I drove away the bird and left the scene.

By the time our plane was about to take off. I bordered. Silvia came running from somewhere and she also got into. The next day of reaching the capital I posted the picture to the 'New York Times'.

Till that time I had a winner's mind, that I had captured an exceptional situation in my camera. Only later on I began to think about the plight of the poor child.

Whether she survived or some beasts had taken out her tender life?

Was her mother able to locate her? Is she a cursed creation of Almighty? No... Jesus loves all His creations, that's what I know. Then how only some people become like this? As more thoughts overpowered my mind I felt my eyes filling and tears flowing out.

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