Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Cursed journey

Our journey was in an Helicopter for the mission named 'Operation life-line Sudancarrying food materials for the poverty-stricken Sudanese people. I was accompanied by Joao Silvia, a Portuguese freelancer. By 3.03 our copter touched the barren lands of a village called Ayod. It was like a vast strip of desert where we landed, with sandy red soil and spiny cactus trees here and there.Not a living soul was seen anywhere. We all got out from the Helicopter. After waiting for a few minutes, Silvia muttered a curse and went over to somewhere. I stood near the copter wondering what to do next. As I explored the land walking a few steps ahead, I saw  steep rocky slopes at one side.

                                        The dry terrains of Sudan

I felt boring as I stood there in the scorching heat. I was looking in vain for something beautiful to feed my camera. All of a sudden I heard a great commotion mixed up with loud blabbing of women and cries of children. A group was racing towards the plane emerging from the crevices of rocks underneath. It seemed that they had understood their food had arrived. All of them where just 'outlines' of people, skinny, dark and emaciated. In the hot sun they appeared like ghosts. There were very few men among them. Most ladies were holding hands of their kids.The children looked evidently undernourished with bulged bellies and exposed chest bones as if that can be easily picked out. I took 2-3 snaps of them and moved on.

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