Sunday, 14 September 2014


Photography, as we all know, is also a form of traditional (conventional) arts like painting, sculpturing, singing etc., just to name a few. But it differs from other arts in one main aspect. While in all others the creation comes out mainly from the artist’s imagination, in photography the target is the real material that the photographer sees before him. The manner how well he reproduces it depends on several things as his ability, natural flair (imagination) and adeptness in using his instrument. 

The same photographer giving us the beautiful face of a smiling flower gives us the pathetic face of a dying old man in the street. That is only a part of his duty. His duty is his way of sustenance.

Here what Kevin Carter did is only his duty. He cannot be blamed for that. It is in fact good that he has shown us one of the hauntingly darker sides of human existence. In course of time, we may expect and hope, that a creation in the form of a human may come to give light to this part of the world. That's all decided by the Almighty.We have seen many such incidents in the history of mankind.

But as human we also can play our part in alleviating the miseries of these human beings, but how? I cannot say the answer. 

Many photographers have given us such gloomy pathetic views before Kevin Carter. Were they all verbally manhandled like him?

Kevin Carter, in spite of his courage may be a soft hearted man, easily downed by human sufferings. Besides, the public allegation which ignited his deep remorse in not have tried to save the child and also some failures in his personal life, drugs perhaps; all these might have led him to commit suicide. He had tried to commit suicide two times before.  

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