Saturday, 13 September 2014

Looking Back

In my childhood days camera was a very rare object and photography, a once-a-while activity. My first photo ( that also a group photo) was taken when I said good-bye to school, after finishing my intermediate (SSLC). It was a customary to take a group photo of the intermediate children, who permanently leave the school, in those days. Among other children's' peeping faces, mine also appeared as a dark dot.

Camera was also a formidable instrument those days. It was a big box, a full load for a man to carry. The box was fitted on a tripod and the photographer adjusts the focus by adjusting the telescopic slide from behind. After this he will look up with a smile at the group sitting (or standing) in front of him.

"Ready, smile please" (just look at the one I have fitted on my face!). Then in a flash of second he will pull out the shutter. The thing is finished! 

A Rare  Model of an old Camera. It is fitted on a tripod

Just compare the above box with the present day Androids. You may wonder, because the newer generation chaps might not have seen such a 'Camera Box'. Technology has made everything 'small', including man who gave birth to it. 

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