Friday, 12 September 2014

A very usual incident!

It happened some three-four weeks before. I was in my evening walk when a big accident occurred at our place. A route bus smashed on a private car, killing two persons and seriously injuring another two on the spot .I also ran to the place (with my ailing heart). The road immediately turned on to a festival ground with a lot of people gathered pushing and pulling. The bodies, blood, body parts and metal scraps were strewn all over. I closed my eyes as I cannot withstand such scenes.

Nobody was raising a helping hand to take the dead and injured to the hospital. Everybody was busy taking  photographs of the scene in their mobiles. Meanwhile the police party arrived and did the job. The injured luckily escaped as the police reached in time.

What do you say of it? Is it murderous? How can we blame a professional like Kevin Carter for  having taken the photo of a child? He gave his life for it. But what else do we give?

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