Thursday, 11 September 2014

Poverty in Kerala

Kerala, a small State at the southern most tip of India, is widely acclaimed as one with cent percent literacy rate. Here, politicians claim that that poverty has been completely wiped out over several years of their regime.

The popular adjective of Kerala, 'GOD'S OWN COUNTRY' is only a 'business stunt' of the Government and Tourism Department. In fact it is mostly (or fully) owned by Devils and God has already sold whatever he had to them, and left the place. In terms of natural beauty, Kerala has a top position among other similar states of India. In that respect it is one of 'God's own'

Poverty though not rampant in Kerala, still exists among the people living in high range areas, particularly among the tribal communities. Many of them are struggling for food, shelter, clothing, drinking water, sewage and other basic amenities. Contagious diseases often spread among them. The most suffering people of Kerala are perhaps the migrant workers from other States like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal etc. They work mainly in urban areas. Whatever they get will not be sufficient for a moderate living. Most of them live in the slum areas, often many men huddled in narrow 'rooms'. Many go to the streets also, where they have to face innumerable sufferings.

Economy of the State is now almost fully at the hands of 'Mafias', big industrialists, business people and builders. The gap between the 'haves' and 'have notes' is widening. This is not an affair of Kerala only but of the whole India. In spite of the merits of Globalization, demerits and hazards are most conspicuous. Blade (illicit, throat-cutting money lenders) mafia, Drug mafia, Liquor mafia, Land mafia, Sand Mafia, Black money mafia, Smuggler mafia etc. are growing in the State in unprecedented magnitude. (Mafias are illicit criminal gangs working against the Law and the Government). In the coming years robbery, murders, terrorist attacks and other illicit activities may probably increase in Kerala and other states of India.

Many places revealing natural beauty of Kerala still remain unexplored. I just point out two examples.

                                  Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad 

Is noted as a natural treasure. But due to the lack of facilities tourist are keeping away from the place. 

                                      Edakkal caves also in Wayanad

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