Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Lonely Soul

"Who is this lonely soul?" asked my friend. I said it is the character in the story.

Loneliness is the basic essential in the lives of all living beings. We are born alone without knowing it and pass away alone too. In between we strut along with our parents, friends and strangers. We do a lot of things to please them and long to get pleasure from them. At times we fight with each other and move apart and again unite. We do some wrong things and give them up as our simple flops. We amass money and enjoy the maximum of enjoyment. Some of us become losers.

Finally we fall. Then only we will feel loneliness. It will suffocate us with its iron-strong hands. Parents, friends, strangers everybody evade us. We will only see a glow where we we have to start our final journey.

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