Thursday, 25 September 2014

To all my photographer friends

                                          My flowers and tears 

To All my friends

This is a personal narration of the very sad life story of the South African photojournalist Kevin Carter, who took the iconic, haunting photograph of a South Sudanese baby girl, on the brink of death, kneeling on the ground barely able to get up, in front of a vulture.The plight of the poor child typically epitomizes the poverty and inhuman hazards, the Sudanese people tide over. 

The photograph aroused the hypocritical feelings of numerous puritans across the world. They cursed, abused and harassed Carter in harshest words, as much as they could. Though this photograph won the Pulitzer Prize for the year 1994, Carter could not escape the remorse of his mind, mainly inflicted by the world-wide accusations darted against him. He committed suicide, 3 months after winning the prize. 

This blog is a floral tribute to that young, unknown photographer friend.

I have adopted the way as Kevin Carter himself narrating the cursed incidents that resulted in his permanent, premature exit from the world. As it is my fictitious imagination, it is more or less necessary to add  factual twists at some places. I plead to all friends, who knew Carter personally and who go through this blog, to kindly excuse me for this.

In the final part, I appear as myself. Here I have tried to express my views, on his sad demise.

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