Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Take it as it comes

Yes........ That's life. One cannot predict what will happen the next moment. All my life's incidents happened starkly unexpected and I think , the same will be true of anybody else. I never think that life can be planned, as a film director plans the scenes in his movie. I have watched some stupid 'Ads' in news papers and media telling:

'Plan Your Life Today. Invest your money with us and be the King of Tomorrow'

Who are they to plan peoples' lives? Who can say tomorrow one can't be a beggar even after making fabulous investments?

Life's ways are most uncertain. we are, while we live, frantically moving inside a labyrinth of miseries hoping that one day or other we will be able to come out.

All these things I started thinking in my true sense, before I fell into the deep pit of depression, in the intoxication of drugs and liquor, before life was skipping out of my control.

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